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OT Records presents Season 2 of After Hours with bigger names, better bars and better visuals than ever seen before on the channel. We're bringing you some of the best performers in the country chosen to showcase their skills on the mic on our exclusive platform. Bringing together big and smaller names to our platform we allow the talent to shine through in our competitive industry.


Welcome to After Hours, the ultimate freestyle platform hosted by OT Records. We are a record label dedicated to showcasing the freshest talent in the hip hop game, and our After Hours platform is where we bring the heat.


At After Hours, we're all about giving artists a space to let their creativity run wild. Our platform provides an opportunity for MCs to showcase their freestyle skills and raw talent, with no rules and no limits. 


With a focus on quality over quantity, we carefully curate the artists featured on our platform, ensuring that each one brings something unique and fresh to the table. From up-and-coming talent to established names in the game, we're all about celebrating the diversity of the hip hop community.

So whether you're an avid hip hop fan or just discovering the genre, we invite you to join us on After Hours. With our talented roster of artists and dedication to quality, you're sure to find something that will get your head nodding and your heart racing.

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